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A new consortium formed by eight companies, in collaboration with four research centres, aims at incorporating photovoltaic properties into buildings’ facades by integrating high-transparency and optical-quality devices into their tiled surface.


A Pilot Line for Sorting and Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste

We are working on the development of a pilot line for sorting mixed ceramic fractions from construction and demolition waste. The pilot line is designed to process up to 1 ton per hour of input material, and is aimed to sort it into three main streams: grey fraction (concrete), red fraction (brick fragments) and other materials, including gypsum.


First Advanced Optical Inspection System for Next-generation Thin Film Photovoltaics

We have completed the production of an automated inspection system to automatically analyse thin film photovoltaic modules. The system integrates an optical head, which delivers light onto the module, gathers its optical response, and guides the light into different spectroscopic modules for analysis. By means of advanced data processing techniques, this spectral information can be used to assess the quality and efficiency of thin film materials, during the manufacturing process. The early detection of manufacturing defects is of paramount importance to (1) identify manufacturing errors and implement early actions; (2) maximise production yield; (3) ensure the quality and reliability of the modules; and (4) minimise manufacturing waste.


SUNRISE – A sorting and recycling solution for Polyvinil Butyral (PVB) films from laminated glass A sorting and recycling solution for Polyvinil Butyral (PVB) films from laminated glass

On June 1st 2021, it was officially kicked-off the European Project SUNRISE, which aims to develop new solutions for the separation and recycling of PVB films from laminated glass. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº958243.


Development of an Optical Inspection Tool for Third Generation Solar Cells

Within the framework of the European research project In4CIS, and following to the design phase, Lenz Instruments has started the manufacturing of an optical inspection system for third generation photovoltaic devices based on CIGS technology.


Advanced Sorting Solutions for End-of-life Building Materials (EBM)

On June 2020, the European Project ICEBERG was officially launched. The project aims to develop and demonstrate novel cost-effective circular smart solutions for an upgraded recovery of secondary building raw materials along the entire circular value chain: from end-of-life building materials (EBM) to new building products prepared for circularity, resource-efficiency and containing 30wt% to 100wt% of high-purity (>92%) recycled content. This will be undertaken through 6 pilot circular case studies, covering building materials accounting for more than 85% by weight of the European built environment.



Within the framework of the European Research project In4CIS, Lenz Instruments has started its design tasks for the optical inspection system for third generation photovoltaic devices based on CIGS technology.


New in-line optical methodologies for advanced assessment of high efficiency CIGS industrial processes

In September 2019, the Research European Project In4CIS was started under the frame of the SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 2 program.


Lenz Instruments collaborates with National Instruments in the publication of the Shreddersort case study

Shreddersort: Control of a metal separation plant using LIBS spectroscopy for the recycling industry. The challenge: On a conveyor belt at 2m / s, it is intended to develop a system that controls a metallic waste separation line by detection and blowing, and that synchronizes: (1) detection by inductive sensors of the position of each fragment, (2) the firing of a pulsed laser; (2) the acquisition of the optical emission spectrum of the plasma generated by the pulses; and (3) the activation of the blow valves.


LENZ at FoodTech Exhibition, 8-11 May 2018

Lenz Instruments will attend the TECNO CARNICA room of the FoodTech Exhibition (Stand A-270), which will be organized at Barcelona on 08-11 May. FoodTech trade fair is focused on food technology, and is one of the most prestigious one within the sector. With over 37,000 professional visitors from 115 different countries, FoodTech is attended by 660 commercial brands from local and international companies. Tecno Carnica – the exhibition hall focused on machinery, technology, equipment and supplies for the meat processing sector plays a key role in the fair, representing over 50% of the activity of the Fair.

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