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As a technology-based company, we are very active in research, development, and innovation projects. Most of our research activities in the food sector are carried out in close cooperation with reference research institutes and universities which are strongly involved in the calibration, validation, and certification of our products.


Smart inspection system for the optimization of the pig slaughtering, cutting, and deboning operations.

Over the past years, quality inspection devices have risen the interest of the sector, due to its potential to improve the accuracy of meat segmentation. However, existing commercial technologies have proven to be inefficient and have little acceptance in the segment of medium to large abattoirs due to their complex integration in the processing line and limited sensibility.

In the OPTICUT project, we aim to develop and integrate a novel pig carcass quality inspection system to detect Water Holding Capacity defects in primal cuts. The grading of primal cuts before carcass deboning provides a number of operational advantages and allows maximizing the value of the raw meat.

This project has received support from ACCIÓ.


Initiatives & activities

For large scale initiatives, we establish collaborations with other industrial and academic partners at a European level, in order to involve the required resources to ensure the achievement of the project objectives.

Our current research activities are focused in novel monitoring and optimization of meat production processes, on-line characterisation and quality control of the raw material, and sorting and recovery of high valuable materials for the recycling sector.



Advanced sensing technologies

Our team of researchers have a solid background in electronic instrumentation, optical spectroscopy (LIBS, Raman and NIR), ultrasound inspection, Magnetic Induction spectroscopy and Video Image Analysis (VIA).

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