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QMEAT Analyser™ – Automatic pork meat quality inspection for WHC analysis and, PSE/DFD detection

Detección automática de carnes PSE y control de calidad de la materia prima

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QMEAT Analyser™ is an automatic classification machine for the identification of PSE (Pale, Soft and Exudative) meats working at line speed. The machine includes a high sensitivity spectrometer and a stainless steel penetration probe coupled to a fibre optic which is actuated by a robotic arm.

QMEAT Analyser employs an inspection method based on the spectral analysis (Vis-NIR) of the inside of the meat. The method has been patented and developed in collaboration with INNOVACC members and it is based on the spectral analysis of the internal tissues of the meat piece.

Product aplications

Classification of the raw meat at abattoirs and de-boning rooms

Quality control of providers

Quality control of the raw meat in dry-cured ham and cooked ham elaborators

Product segmentation

Yield losses reduction in cooked ham and sliced ham

Optimisation of the ham dry-cured process

Reduction of texture problems

Key features

Designed to work in-line in the meat processing environment
PLC control
Graphical User Interface
Industrial Bus interconnection
Ethernet Connection
Automatic counting of meat pieces in real time and classification by quality groups
Statistic control by batch and by provider
Dynamic weighting system (optional)
Conveyor belt with auto-cleaning system (optional)


LVD (Low Voltage Directive) 2006/95/EEC
MD (Machine Directive) 2006/42/EEC
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Directive 2004/108/EEC

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