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LCM-500™ – Colourimetric and marbling analysis of meat

Hand-held Video Image Analysis colorimeter

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The LCM-500™ is a hand-held device for colour measurement. The device has been developed and calibrated to perform an objective assessment of colour in meat and elaborated meat products.

The LCM-500™ incorporates a high resolution colour CMOS sensor and an diffuse light illumination system. The device is controlled via PC or laptop and captures images that are instantly processed by means of a image analysis software specifically developed for the application.

Unlike traditional colorimeters, the image analysis software of the LCM-500™ removes any defect present in the image (e.g. glosses, fat spots, connective tissue, foreign objects), to obtain a real colour measurement of the lean meat.

Product aplications

Objective colour assessment of fresh, cooked and dry-cured meat

Quality control of raw meat

Detection of PSE and DFD defects

Quality control in elaborated meat products

Estimation of apparent Intra Muscular Fat (IMF) in fresh meat

Evaluation of marbling in dry-cured ham slices

Objective measurement of subcutaneous Fat Thickness in hams

Determination of exposed lean meat area in hams

Key features

Designed for industrial operation
Fast analysis (1 second)
Colour spaces: L*a*b*, XYZ, HSV, sRGB
Repeatability L*a*b*: ∆E<0.6
Measurement Area: Adjustable 5-50 mm
Built-in high resolution CMOS colour camera
Weight: 600g Approx

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