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HAM Inspector II ™ – Weight, Fat and Salt control for the dry-cured ham industry

In-line determination of fat and salt content and weight in meat pieces.

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The HAM Inspector II™ has been designed to be a versatile tool for dry-cured meat processors that wants to improve their production processes through a more efficient classification of the raw meat, and by monitoring the salting stage.In deboning rooms, the equipment allows to improve the standardization of batches by a more reliable and accurate determination of the fat content in the raw meat.

HAM Inspector™ employs a contactless inspection (patented) developed in collaboration with IRTA (Research and Technology, Food and Agriculture) and SSICA (Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry). The measurement is based on the different response of fat and lean tissues to a low intensity variable magnetic field.

The equipment is a compact system that can be easily integrated in a processing line for the continuous analysis of the meat production, with a throughput of up to 1200 pieces/hour. The machine includes correlation models to automatically calculate the fat content of the fresh meat, with an accuracy better than 1.1% (RMSE) and the salt content with an accuracy better than RMSE<0.1%.

Product aplications

Grading of fresh meat pieces by weight and fat percentage

Optimization of the salting stage

Quality control of the raw meat

Monitoring of the salt intake in the meat piece

Product segmentation to guarantee a specific reduced salt content

Key features

Designed for in-line operation, in the meat production environment
Automatic grading of fresh meat pieces according to user-defined ranges of fat content and weight
Accurate determination of the salt content in meat pieces in the salting process
Contactless measurement and fast analysis (<4 seconds)
Accuracy in the determination of fat content: RMSE <1.5%
Accuracy in the determination of salt content: RMSE <0.2%
Conveyor belt and dynamic weighting system: Accuracy < 10g
User friendly touchscreen interface
Robust PLC control, with standard industrial buses for connection to other equipment and data bases
Designed for compliance with Directives:


EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) Directive 2004/108/EEC
LVD (Low Voltage Directive) 2006/95/EEC
MD (Machine Directive) 2006/42/EEC

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