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Lenz Instruments collaborates with National Instruments in the publication of the Shreddersort case study

Shreddersort: Control of a metal separation plant using LIBS spectroscopy for the recycling industry. The challenge: On a conveyor belt at 2m / s, it is intended to develop a system that controls a metallic waste separation line by detection and blowing, and that synchronizes: (1) detection by inductive sensors of the position of each fragment, (2) the firing of a pulsed laser; (2) the acquisition of the optical emission spectrum of the plasma generated by the pulses; and (3) the activation of the blow valves.

The solution: An NI PXI-7853R card, PXIe-1073 chassis and LabVIEW are used to work in real time, acquire the inductive signal, execute real-time algorithms that allow positioning the laser’s firing mirrors on the center of the piece at times less than 20ms, process spectra at high speed, multiplex 6 lasers and synchronize detection, trigger and blow with the encoder of the tape.

“Thanks to the NI FPGA, great speed and determinism have been achieved for communication, acquisition and synchronization, being able to process up to 5 tons / h with errors of less than 5%.”

– David Romero, Lenz-Instruments S.L, Physicist and electronic engineer

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