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A Pilot Line for Sorting and Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste

We are working on the development of a pilot line for sorting mixed ceramic fractions from construction and demolition waste. The pilot line is designed to process up to 1 ton per hour of input material, and is aimed to sort it into three main streams: grey fraction (concrete), red fraction (brick fragments) and other materials, including gypsum.

The design of the system is based on a conveying system that carries the input material to the inspection area. As fragments pass through, a high speed hyperspectral imaging camera obtains an image of the fragments and determines its composition based on its spectral response. The information obtained is used then by the control system to eject the target fragments by means of an array of air blowers, which separate the three fractions into different beams.

These activities have been carried out in the frame of the European Project ICEBERG. Our current activities deal with the optimisation of the image acquisition and processing software routines, and the integration of the illumination module.

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