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ShredderSort: Lenz instruments collaborates in the development of an pilot line for the separation of non-ferrous metal scrap

The recycling industry is increasingly interested in new technologies to recover individual metals from different sources, including end-of-life vehicles, industrial waste, or municipal waste.

Current sorting technologies for non-ferrous fractions do not allow separation of materials with similar composition and properties (colour, density, etc). Existing technologies also suffer from poor cost effectiveness and/or throughput.

In collaboration with industrial partners, Lenz Instruments has developed a pilot sorting line that allows separating non-ferrous scrap into up to three different pure fractions. The system combines an array of electromagnetic and optical sensors that determine the composition of each fragment in the scrap in just one millisecond. A high-speed control system processes this information in real-time, and separates each fragment into different bins by means of air-ejectors.

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