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New in-line optical methodologies for advanced assessment of high efficiency CIGS industrial processes

In September 2019, the Research European Project In4CIS was started under the frame of the SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 2 program.

In4CIS aims to establish and demonstrate an in-line monitoring solution for postdeposition treatments (PDT) in the manufacturing of very high efficiency Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS) photovoltaic devices. PDT processes are based in alkaline postdeposition treatments and have allowed achieving solar cells with reproducible efficiency values above 20%. Transfer of these process concepts to manufacturing requires the development of advanced characterization tools to assess film uniformity, composition, and microstructural properties. Availability of suitable in-line monitoring tools thus is critical to ensure the scalability of third-generation PV technologies, and to optimize process yield in the manufacture of CIGS based PV modules.

In the frame of this Project, Lenz Instruments will lead the development of an optical inspection system for the in-line characterization of CIGS based thin film photovoltaic modules. The optical system will integrate different techniques (multi-wavelength excitation Raman scattering and Photoluminescence), which will provide complimentary data that will be used to characterize film properties. The accurate and continuous monitoring of film properties will allow optimizing film deposition conditions, scaling-up the process, and ensure compliance of the manufactured modules to quality standards.

This project has received funding from the ERA-NET Solar Cofund 2, and has been cofinanced by CDTI and the European Research Framework programme Horizon 2020. The information contained in this document reflects the opinion of the authors. Neither CDTI nor the European Commission shall be responsible for any use of the information provided in this communication.

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