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HAM-Inspector Σ™

In-line analysis of the fat content and quality parameters of the meat

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HAM-Inspector Σ™ is a multifrequency magnetic induction scanner for the in-line classification of meat products. The scanner determines the weight and the percentage of fat of each piece, and evaluates the capacity of water holding capacity of the product, being able to detect defective PSE/DFD meats.

The scanner employs a contactless inspection method that preserves the integrity and physical properties of the meat. The method, developed in collaboration with producers of cooked ham and cured ham is based on the analysis of the response of the internal tissues of the piece to the action of a variable low intensity magnetic field. The inspection is done automatically at a speed of 600 pieces per hour.

Product aplications

In-line classification of hams, shoulders and belly/bacon depending on the percentage of fat and weight

Detection and automatic classification of PSE and DFD meats

Segmentation and quality control of the raw material

Optimization of the salting process in the production of dry-cured ham

Optimization of the cooked ham process, and reduction of yield losses

Increase of performance in slicing lines, and reduction of defects

Improvement of the standardization and quality of the final product in processed dry-cured and cooked ham

Reduction of the microbiological risk associated with DFD meats in the production of dry-cured ham

Key features

Designed to operate in harsh environments
Automatic sorting of fresh meat pieces according to fat percentage and weight
Determination of the salt content in meat pieces in the salting process
Detection of PSE and DFD meats


EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)- 2014/30/UE
MD (Machine Directive) - 2006/42/EEC
LVD (Low Voltage Directive) 2014/35/UE
Hygienic design according to norm EN1672-2

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